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    Portal rules

    Woody.lt is the Internet page, meant for unification of industrial and commercial companies, connected with timber production, and also for physical persons, who want to sell or buy different wood products. This page renders services, which can be specified by the contract concluded by parties. Both parties must hold to terms of service rendering and terms of the contract. If terms of service rendering contradict terms of the contract, they must hold to requirements of the contract.

    Woody.lt service is a complex of all services rendered by internet site, starting from stands of registered companies, presentation of the internet site to visitors till their development and advertising. In order to use services, rendered by this page, you must have the Internet connection, and also all necessary technical equipment and software. Woody.lt administration is not responsible for quality of your Internet connection.


    After registration on Woody.lt Internet page you will acquire a right to place an advertisement of your company and catalogue available goods. After registration you will be given a user name and password. Keep name and password in secret and don’t tell it to third persons. In this case the information about the company or its products, which you left on the site, will always be the same like you entered it on this page. Users of this page are obliged:

    1. to give right, exact and newest information about themselves and their company , about offered and required products.

    2. To update information about products, themselves and their company so that it always was exact, right and newest.

    3. To execute terms of service rendering and terms of the contract.


    You should understand that Woody.lt gives information of such contents, which is connected with wood industry, timber trade. This information is generated by members, who are registered on this Internet page. Woody.lt administration has a right to revise, correct or refuse to accept your placed information if it doesn’t comply with terms of the contract, or violates rules of service rendering.

    You agree to accept a risk, connected with the information you can find on Wood-market.info. when providing the information about your company, which will be placed on Internet site Woody.lt, you agree that Woody.lt administration has an exclusive right to update, change, apply, move information for the purpose of advertising a stand of your company in the Internet, your company, and also offered or required products at different trade fairs, Internet sites, in press or by other advertising methods. This right is valid for unrestricted period even after expiration of the contract.


    It must be clear to you that a person, who placed information, data, photos, graphic material and etc., is responsible for it. It means that you are fully responsible for all information, placed on this Internet site. You must also be aware that during use of service you can encounter false or incomplete information.

    If you notice false or incomplete information in view of your placed information, which could be changed by third persons, receiver of service must immediately inform Woody.lt administration by e-mail: info@woody.lt


    On this Internet site it is forbidden:

    1) To place on this Internet page, to advertise or in other way transfer information that is illegal and can violate rights of other members in this portal.

    2) To place information, which is inexact and non-informative, and which can violate privacy of other companies or persons,, and is defamatory.

    3) To provide information that would discredit or defame administration of Woody.lt Internet page or Internet portal by itself.

    4) To use mass mailing for purposes, specified in articles 1,2, and 3, or on purpose to harm other members or Woody.lt Internet page by itself. It is also forbidden to sent useless, non-informative information, or „spam“.

    5) To collect and gather information that is not connected with Woody.lt services, rendered to portal members, to transfer Woody.lt data to third parties.

    6) To hinder other portal members.

    7) Not to execute rules, politics, procedures or requirements of service system.

    8) To place on the Internet page similar advertisers or logotypes on purpose to copy or use an advertisement of the other company for your own purposes or purposes of your company.

    9) To place on the Internet page, to announce or advertise products or services if you don‘t have a right to advertise or sell them.

    10) To provide information about illegal contracts, smuggling, other illegal actions.

    11) To deliberately or non-deliberately violate laws of a country or international


    If you want other portal visitors to see your company stand, it is necessary to enter obligatory information:

    1. To register and provide detailed information about your company (it is desirable to provide it together with a logotype and company photo)

    2. To provide information at least about one of your service/product.

    3. To provide information at least about one of representatives of your company.


    If you want visitors of Woody.lt portal to see products and services offered or searched by your company, it is desirable that you should enter the following information:

    1. To catalogue at least one product or service.

    2. To place an advertisement to advertisement board.

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