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    Wood Industry News

    Valkininkai forests – witnesses of the distant past 2012-09-11
    Valkininkai forest and its administration were first spoken about in written sources (revision documents) in 1566. Then, Žygimantas Senasis gave Valkininkai volost to Gardinas forestry officer to administer.  
    Misunderstandings in governance reform 2012-08-30
    Nauris Jotautas, forest management official of Švenčionėliai, owner of forester’s and manager’s diplomas, speaks about continuous struggle to occupy state forests, state asset management reform, increase of recreational potential of forests, modernization of fire protection in forests, and related concerns.
    Work of state-owned companies 2012-08-15
    A forest is not a bed of carrots The overview of general forest association is a part of the presentation of state-owned companies work and prospects, where responsible state officers, experts, and businessmen were gathered. For the readers of the journal we provide the main points of work presentation. The program until 2020
    What will the enterprise management coordination centre coordinate? 2012-07-30
    The efficient management of state-owned enterprises isn’t a thought-up problem. The fact that the economic targets are quite often determined by strategic (or pseudo-strategic) state development guidelines makes the efficient functioning and rational management of these enterprises hard to measure. It is no secret that ministries are the centres of immense political power which may substantially affect the goals of state-owned enterprises. A few years ago, with the view to eliminate or at least soften the negative political influence over the performance of state-owned enterprises, the Ministry of Economy suggested establishing a controlling enterprise “Visuomis Holding Company”. Alas, the management scenario was copied from the Swedish model, whereas the practical implementation of the suggested reform was, most probably, unclear even to its initiators. The idea, however, was not buried. Today it has reborn in the form of Ownership Guidelines the purpose of which is to establish a coordination centre for the management of state-owned enterprises. What and, most important, how will this centre coordinate enterprise management?  
    The capital of oaks is getting rich in cloned trees 2012-07-15
    The director of Kėdainiai Forest Enterprise Juozas GIRINAS was the first in Lithuania to start cloning ancient oaks, and not only them. His concern is to preserve the gene pool of trees for future generations: “If we do not graft or clone trees, the trees are gone in non-existence and eternity instead of leaving valuable offspring with strong genes”. The basic forest seed material collected by the director of KėdainiaiForest Enterprise Juozas Girinas stands out for its uniqueness beyond the borders of Lithuania. His interest in tree grafting, like a camera in natural landscape, has accompanied the forest steward for his entire life. Juozas Girinas is a member of the Panel of the Directorate General of State Forests of Lithuania at the Ministry of Environment; he is a member of the Board of the Forest Stewardship Council, the Coordination Council for the Issues of Forest Sanitary Protection; he actively participates in the activities of the Expert Commission for Lithuanian Forest Genetic Resources, Seed Farming and Tree Breeding.
    „The Foresters’ Union Is Looked Upon as a Supporting Force“ 2012-06-30
    Forester Day is commemorated on every third Saturday of September in Lithuania. On the occasion of this event, an interview with Dr. Edmundas BARTKEVIČIUS, President of Foresters’ Union, is exclusively to “Business and Politics”.
    Grown together with seaboard forests 2012-06-15
    Recently, Kretinga town residents marked 120th birthday anniversary of a famous Lithuanian forester Marijonas Daujotas. Nearly one hundred years ago, having planted wind-blown seaboard sands with forests, Marijonas Daujotas saved Palanga and other nearby places, thus winning people’s respect and the fame of a meritorious forester forever.
    VIGANTAS KRAUJALIS: „Chasing people out of the land, the village, or the outer wood does not add any attractiveness to our country” 2012-05-30
    State Forest Enterprise of Ukmergė is one the largest ones in the country by the territory occupied (37.200 ha) and also by the amount of tasks completed. There are up to 26 protected territories in State Forest Enterprise. National Cultural Reserve of Kernave, dedicated to protect archaeological vicinity of Kernave (UNESCO World Heritage Site), is among them. After several years in debt, State Forest Enterprise can already make a boast of profit – in this half-year only, one million Litas of profit has been earned. A revival in State Forest Enterprise has been largely accredited to the Director of State Forest Enterprise Vigantas Kraujalis, who doesn’t make a merit of his work, but rather says that “joint effort has produced visible results”.
    The Most Precious Forest for the Keeper of Nemenčinė Forests is the One Planted at His Early Days 2012-05-15
    Nemenčinė is a small town just a hand reach away from the capital of the country. The first mentions of Nemenčinė in the written sources date back to the 14th century. The town was inhabited by craftsmen, minor merchants, it had a shop and several saloons. Today, encircled by pine forests, lakes and traversed by the river Neris, Nemenčinė is not only famous for its one of the oldest churches in Lithuania but also by Nemenčinė Forest Enterprise, which was founded in 1918 on the basis of the forest district under the same name. From 1918 to 1920 the forest enterprise was led by the same forest officer, as many as seven of them changed during the years of Polish occupation in 1920–1939, two forest officers held this post during the war and eleven served in this position from1945 to 2000.
    Forest Value is More than Wood 2012-04-30
    Interviewed by Gintautas KNIUKŠTA Vice-president of the Lithuanian Society of Foresters and Manager of the State Enterprise Dubrava Experimental Training Forest Enterprise Kęstutis ŠAKŪNAS answers the questions of “Business & Politics.” Dear Vice-President, the role of forests in the society is on the increase. The World Congress in Korea last year paid considerable attention to the functions of forest protection, social aspects and conservation of biological environment. You participated in the European State Forest Association’s General Assembly this year. What impressions did you bring back to Lithuania? What are the ongoing problems of state forests in Europe?
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