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    Rekesa, UAB
    Company code:
    VAT code :
    Telephones: 837455321
    Faxes: 837370221

    R. Kalantos g. 10
    LT-52498 Kaunas

    The company, which in 1998 was reorganized into a company Rekesa its sales activities in the area began to paint in 1993. Rekesa always focused on that market segment, which is essential to high quality. Therefore, the company sells only the world's most recognized products that may satisfy the most demanding customer. Rekesa paint company sells not only its own stores in Vilnius and Kaunas, and in most commercial centers in Lithuania. The company employs experienced professionals who can provide advice in their field complex. UAB Rekesa is the world's largest corporations representative in Lithuania: Sherwin Williams (USA), Thompson `s (USA), religious (BASF Germany), ICI Dulux (UK). 2009 Rekesa Company has the largest representation in the USA and one of the bigger companies in the world chemical industry, paint and recognized by various domestic petrochemical production leader - the group Sherwin Williams. This group's current production, which up to now, nothing in the Baltic States
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